The Three Stages of AARTO

Stage 1 - Infringement Penalty Levy (IPL)

R100 will be added when an infringement notice is issued.
No discount applies to the IPL – it must be paid in full.

Stage 2 - The courtesy letter

If you do not react to an infringement notice within 32 days, a courtesy letter will be issued. The letter removes the discount and adds R60 to the total payable by way of a fee for the letter.

It further removes the ability for you to nominate the driver if you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the alleged infringement. Within 32 days of the actual or presumed service of the courtesy letter, pay the full penalty together with the IPL fee and courtesy letter fee. No discount applies on the IPL or the courtesy letter fee.

Stage 3 - The enforcement order

If you do not react to a courtesy letter within 32 days of its actual or presumed service, an enforcement order will be issued. An additional R100 is added to the cumulative penalty, IPL, and fee for the courtesy letter when this is issued.

When an enforcement order is issued, the demerit points are applied to your driving licence (natural persons) or vehicle licence disc (juristic persons). It also blocks all licensing transactions such as driving licence issuing or card renewal, professional driving permit-issuing or renewal and vehicle licence disc issue or renewal. You may pay the full amount applicable on the enforcement order.

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